Deliver job-critical employee training ⎯ exactly when and where it’s needed.

KnowledgeStar is an Internet of Things (IoT) technology that enables employers to easily and cost-effectively provide employees with the critical, job-specific information they need to complete tasks successfully.


Ensure Workplace Compliance

Your employees will have the access to context-sensitive information, guidance, and mentoring where and when they need it. KnowledgeStar seamlessly maintains a record of all compliance activities.

Increase Employee Productivity

KnowledgeStar enables organizations to grow without having to increase their investment in human resources by dramatically increasing employee productivity.

Reduce Accidents

KnowledgeStar guides users through complex processes quickly and accurately - boosting safety, reducing accidents, and ensuring workplace liability issues are discovered proactively.

Easily Calculate Your Training ROI

Tired of trying to prove the value of your department? Our rich reporting system makes it a snap to demonstrate the value of training and workplace learning initiatives.

Leadership Team

KnowledgeStars's leadership team not only possesses deep industry knowledge and experience, but has a well-rounded business perspective to meet today's challenges. But above all, the team is thoroughly committed to accelerating learning through the use of technology.

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Coming Soon to Your Workplace: The Internet of Smart Things

25 Jun 2015

Imagine if the equipment you use in the workplace could: show you what you need to know about how they operate tell you how to use them correctly and efficiently…

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