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Corporate Training’s 70+ Billion Dirty Secret

According to analyst Josh Bersin, US companies spent well over $70 Billion for employee training in 2013. Analysts predict that amount is will be significantly greater in 2015. These are the kinds of statistics that C-suite executives usually pay attention to. So it’s odd that

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The Threat Within: The True Cost of Employee Error

A whopping 62 percent of employees said it is “acceptable to transfer corporate data outside the company on personal devices and cloud services.” To make matters even worse, the majority never delete the data, leaving it vulnerable to data leaks.

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Coming Soon to Your Workplace: The Internet of Smart Things

Imagine if the equipment you use in the workplace could: show you what you need to know about how they operate tell you how to use them correctly and efficiently help you be safer working with or around them offer you details to complete and

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It’s Time to Stop Pushing Learning

As the digital revolution continues rapidly increasing the rate of change and transforming all aspects of business, from supply chain management to communication the highest-performing corporations are abandoning traditional “push” training for the “pull” learning model. Push training is a centralized, top-down model that occurs

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